Arctic Circle

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The stategical situation of the Arctic Circle Project defines an unprecedented opportunity for the fish capital to add to this its features a new, badly needed public space. Playing a critical role in the relationship between the north and south city growths, the park must remain as a natural link.


International urban design competition for Coziness Valley, in Murmansk (Russia).

The Arctic Circle is a landscape reading exercise, ready to become a new door to the city of Murmansk

In an effort to materialize the plot’s palimpsest value, the floorplan composition is inspired by the organically growing tracks, traced by the people’s usage of the area throughout the years. Hence, the Arctic Circle is a landscape reading exercise, ready to become a new door to the city of Murmansk. Used as a shelter for the citizens to escape their everyday routines, actively enjoy the outdoors, ,and feel connected with their landscape.

Project credits:
Eric Moya Soler
@ericmoya.arch @miquelperezcoronas @_ocaarchitects @avanzagarbanza @rryssf

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