Designing Encyclopedia Square: Concept Inspirations and Form Creations

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Two years ago ı was read the first book (first by publication date) from The Foundation novel series written by Isaac Asimov. It is impressive in so many ways. I focused on places and what might look like. In this book, Encyclopedia Square less emphasize than Terminus city. So at that time, ı noted Terminus city details for further inspiration. It was like your hiding some asset to find in the future. It was like ‘hodling’. This summer ı decided to gain more skill on Cinema4D by creating this city’s little part with Encyclopedia Square in it.

Asimov’s Encyclopedia Galactica was a compendium of all knowledge then available in the Galactic Empire, intended to preserve that knowledge in a remote region of the galaxy in the event of a foreseen galactic catastrophe. The Encyclopedia is later revealed to be an element in an act of misdirection, with its real purpose being to concentrate a group of knowledgeable scientists on a remote, resource-poor planet named Terminus, with the long-term aim of revitalizing the technologically stagnant and scientifically dormant empire. Originally published in a physical medium, it later becomes computerized and subject to continual change.


Thermal inertia from Gale Crater / Mars. (Lat: -4.37626°, Lon: 137.81227°)

For this square, I began to build terrain first. My inspiration source was NASA’s Curiosity Rover landing site, Gale Crater. In this way, I choose my terrain materials with knowledge of thermal impact. So from climate control to wasteland, City’s terrain and heat map changes. It was a good starting point for thinking how a sci-fi city might look like.

My inspiration to design city outlines moved on with looking at organic systems. I wanted to design an alive system. At some point, ı tried to inspire myself by ‘coding’ an imaginary smart city integration system.

Technically mean nothing but fun.

I spent most time creating- actually studying- structures. City structures mostly covered with stone because of the low resource story about the city. Encyclopedia Square is located between transportation center and observation platform. Climate control area aimed to create a healthy environment for the surface, while all other organic materials located under the square.

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