Digital Arts Public Gallery

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Digital softwares are evolving every day and provide many attractions for their audience at any moment. They, including video art, media art and digital animations that are sometimes combined with music, or even digital paintings and drawings, etc., are spreading in remarkable scale. In the near future, the use of New Arts in public spaces can create a visual appeal for people, which is very interesting in its kind. Playing video art or digital images with music in open spaces can stop the fast- man of the future for a short time. Creating public spaces that have the ability to publish digital art, can initially create an amazing fascination for people and familiarize them with the dimensions, features and potential of New Arts. On the other hand, such public spaces can be considered as a place for local artists to present their works in a specific framework. The potential of New Arts, including presentation in different dimensions and sizes, can increase the visual appeal of public spaces and be attractive for human beings in the future. Public spaces can play an important role in establishing a relationship between man and the New Arts.


Another prominent feature of public spaces equipped with digital art is that variety of works can be displayed at a given time. This will make the public space not to be monotone for the audience and encourage people to stay longer in the space.


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