Digital Fabrication

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The aim of this program is to extract some interesting qualities from a painting which is merged from two masterpieces of painting on the “Ostagram” and then develop these qualities to apply on the facade of a building. In the process,we extracted crispy, rough and feathering as aesthetics to develop. Concrete milling is the chosen manufacturing technology for the façade.

Landarch best-art-choice-award-original-abstract-oil-painting-modern-white-black-contemporary-home-gallery-emma-lambert Digital Fabrication
Landarch image-1024x560 Digital Fabrication
Landarch img2630159_2b0421a72b25e1b5 Digital Fabrication
Landarch img2630254_3b8256325eac90b6-1024x556 Digital Fabrication
Landarch share_file_页面_05-791x1024 Digital Fabrication

Concrete milling machine

Landarch share_file_页面_07-791x1024 Digital Fabrication

Cutter movement

Landarch share_file_页面_08-791x1024 Digital Fabrication
Landarch share_file_页面_09-791x1024 Digital Fabrication
Landarch share_file_页面_10-791x1024 Digital Fabrication
Landarch share_file_页面_13-792x1024 Digital Fabrication
Landarch share_file_页面_16-791x1024 Digital Fabrication
Landarch share_file_页面_17-791x1024 Digital Fabrication
Landarch share_file_页面_19-791x1024 Digital Fabrication
Landarch share_file_页面_20-791x1024 Digital Fabrication
Landarch share_file_页面_14-791x1024 Digital Fabrication

Project Credit

Yutian Tang
Yangxunxun Zhou


Ali Rahim



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