Exploring Climatic Migration in Northern Imaginaries: A Studio Project at University of Texas at Arlington, College of Architecture

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This studio module analyzed and mapped Northern imaginaries defined by the histories and cultures of climate refugees from global migrations that engender place-specific perceptions of the world. The work spatialized conditions of climate, natural resources, land use, and migration through a series of projects that engaged the depth of the North as a refuge.

Through the operations of assemblage, critical interpretation, editing, and distillation, this studio project generated a set of graphic and dimensional rules that begin to codify, abstract, and give form to one agent/dataset from each of the three primary categories of habitat, density, and infrastructure in the context of Fairview, Alaska. These agents were collated into a system by imagining their invisibility and temporality becoming visible and permanent upon the landscape. Students built models that utilized depth, thickness, changes in material, construction method, hybrid media usage, etc. in order to create a spatial palimpsest that mapped and represented agents relative to their interdependence with one another as they are part of a greater system. This project reimagined the landscape as defined by the agents and sought to prioritize ephemeral geographies becoming materialized within the landscape and merged with physical geographies.

  • University: University of Texas at Arlington College of Architecture, Planning and Public Affairs
  • Studio: Climatic Migration in the North, Undergraduate Fourth Year Architecture Studio
  • Professor: Amanda Aman
  • Students:
    • Edward Alvarez 
    • Ben Dennehy
    • Gadiel Salgado
    • Allan Aguirre
    • Cassandra Kipker
    • Ivy Gaspar
    • Christopher Gomez
    • Valeria Davila
    • Louis Cao
    • Arya Kamfiroozi
    • Elise Milburn
    • Tressa Gautney
    • Derek Maynard
    • Noah Strand

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