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The fact that Manhattan has served as the receptor of global capital has maintained its status as a global leader. Now the city is exhausted with an oversupply of new condominiums with its leadership being challenged by other cities including London, Dubai, Hong Kong and Tokyo. How Will New York respond to this Challenge? The triumvirate of easy money, cheapimports and strong confidence catalyze growth in Western economies. New York City’s financial global leadership has been sustained by the culmination of all three. Today these are coming to an end, interest rates are increasing, low-cost retailers such as American Apparel and Radio Shack have filed forbankruptcy, and an uncertain political climate have shaken confidence in the U.S. economy. All three components have threatened New York City as the global financial capital. In the studio, we speculate that a new airport typology can help sustain New York City’s financial global leadership in the world. To maintain its leadership, export opportunities to and in developing economies are more likely to fuel growth. So, we propose to combine logistics systems with human space to explore new spaces in the future while sustaining high efficiency. Instead of hiding, we try to integrate the logistic system into human space with the pursuit of light to create special phenomenon for new experiences.

Choisy perspective

Logistics system study

Exploded Axon

Packages will be unloaded from cargo and transported into the new airport, where they will be filtered and sorted for storage and transportation. Packages are stored in different storages depending on their terms of transportation. The façade reflects the inner systems.

2nd floor

Ground floor

Cross section

The interior space explores possible spatial phenomenon created by both light and logistics system, discussing possible machine space experiences.

Spatial Chuck section

Project Credit

Yutian Tang
Tianjian Li
Wenlu Guo


Ali Rahim




University of Pennsylvania

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