Health Employee Memorial Park Competition Project – Ankara

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An Altruistic and Powerful Steppe: Birch ‘Betula’

Birch (Betula alba) is known as the “pioneer tree” in ecology.

It resists drought, the hardness of the soil, the scorching sun and germinates under conditions where no other tree can grow. It is a tree of light. It needs the most light to live. As it grows, it adapts its surroundings to the trees that used to be in the area. As everything slowly starts to return to normal, the trees that used to be the owners of the area also start to come back. As they arrive, Birch slowly begins to move away from the area. When the old conditions are formed and the area returns to normal, Birch is gone.

Sıhhiye and Kızılay district, which is a transition zone between the old city and the new city and comes to the fore with its food-beverage, entertainment and shopping functions, has increased its commercial vitality, social structure and user mass due to the increasing shopping centers in the city and the sub-centers formed on the peripheries with the growth of the city. It has experienced significant changes, but still it has continued to maintain its role and position in the city. This situation necessitated a new arrangement in the competition area where the street market, public buildings, health services and recreation function intersect and a holistic perspective in order to ensure harmony between different functions.

One of the most striking components of the memorial area is the 12 blocks consisting of corten and polycarbonate laminated Birch wood body print on them, designed to refer to the dedication of the devoted healthcare workers to be in our lives at every moment of the clock in 12 time zones throughout 12 months of the year. Corten, which is used in the construction of these blocks, is a material that develops and matures its original color and texture over time, can change its color by reacting differently according to the ions and humidity in the air, briefly gains value over time, and “live” forever by reacting to changing conditions. In these difficult days we are in, a “living” material such as corten has been preferred instead of a “stable” material to represent our healthcare professionals who sacrificed themselves while fighting for the survival of the world, to symbolize their living with us instead of being forgotten in the flow of life. Just like us, these corten blocks will change over time and express this in a way that we can see; will survive briefly.

Birch, also known as the tree of light and the tree of hope, is a “pioneer” tree that comes to the area where life is about to end, and sacrifices its life for the conditions that will allow the life in the area to continue easily, that is, it is a “pioneer” tree throughout the project area. used in association with our healthcare workers. Birch, which is located in the center of the memorial area and is larger than the ones used throughout the area, symbolizes the health workers who are still struggling and the hope they give us; On the other hand, the white, very special textured and characteristic Birch trunks on the corten blocks represent the healthcare professionals who are no longer with us, sacrificing themselves for humanity.

Project Team; Özhan ERTEKİN, Gülden Demet ORUÇ, Emrah YALÇINALP (@uzakkuzey), Mehmet RONAEL (@mronael), Buğra BOZKIR (@bozkirbugra), Işık Sevinç KESKİN (@isiksevinc), Gizem KEPENEK (@odette.v), Emre KUL (@emreekull

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