House In The Mountains

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Landarch 02-300x200 House In The Mountains

A house in the Mountains is a serial modular building, which is designed for transportation from the production plant and installation on site in one day. The house has all the electricity, plumbing and garbage. The package already includes all the necessary sanitary equipment. The main advantage of this project is mainly factory production, which significantly improves the quality of construction and reduces the cost of the final product.

Landarch 08-1-200x300 House In The Mountains

The tourist wooden house is an ecological and atmospheric holiday for any season. In such you can relax with children and not beware of allergies.

Landarch 04-200x300 House In The Mountains

The building was installed by helicopter in two steps. Due to the harsh local climate, the materials and coatings of the house are designed for low temperatures and strong winds. The building is equipped with polyurethane foam insulation. Its construction consists of a metal frame, which is slightly raised on six supports. The House does not touch the ground, it protects it from moisture and also minimizes interference in the local environment. The interior space of 26 square meters is designed for 8 people. Through the windows located on the perimeter of the building, the sun fills the space of the house with light and heat, passively heating it. In cold weather, the house is heated by a wood stove. The shelter receives electricity from a solar generator. The interior is made in a minimalist color spectrum, which does not distract from the main thing beautiful views of the surrounding landscape.

Landarch 03-1-240x300 House In The Mountains

We were inspired by nature and tried to convey a harmony of rest and comfort with economy and environmental friendliness!

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