MLA Application Portfolio | Shoal for Fishes: Reservation for Fishes That Lost Habitat

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At the end of the 20th century, China established a large number of hydraulic engineering in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River, some of the river channels were artificially hardened, resulting in ecological degradation, and many aquatic organisms lost their original living environment. The dam also cut off the spawning routes of migratory leading to a sharp decline in their numbers. For this problem, the design is based on the principle of river dynamics, to construct terrain, so as to make full use of the forces of nature and reduce the effect of the strong intervention. Sediment deposition will create a migratory fish sanctuary in the site and spawning grounds. Meanwhile, by opening the site to the public as a wetland park, visitors are guided to observe and properly contact the fish, in order to raise public awareness of fish conservation.


Project Credit

Xinyu Liu


Yi Song

Admitted to

MLA at Cornell, UPenn, UVA, University of Toronto, USC

ArchiDogs Interview (中文) | Here

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MLA Application Portfolio | Shoal for Fishes: Reservation for Fishes That Lost Habitat

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