NFT House – 2022


Non-fungible tokens have emerged as a prominent topic in 2021, attracting extensive media interest, due to their potential to transform various sectors. NFTs have a wide variety of impacts, covering artistic, technological, and financial interests, as well as having shocked theworld.Asaconsequence,it’snosurprisethata slew of artists and producers have jumped on board to sell their digital works for astronomically high rates. The fundamental advantage of NFTs is that they are immutable, which means that information stored on the blockchain cannot be easily edited or changed. Cryptocurrencies are also non-fungible, which means they can’t be replicated like other digital currencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum.


Take complete control of your piece ofartinthischallenge,asNFTsallowustorethink how weseeart. Create a fantasy home for a minimumof4peopleandamaximumof 8 people in an imaginative setting (for the metaverse). Imagine it as a residence where you would dwell if the Metaverse took over the planet.

Job/Internship Openings

The Portfolios of top 50 finalists will be recommended to the leading architecture firms around the globe. The partner  firms will review these portfolios and eligible participants will get a chance for exciting job and internship offers.


Early Registration Ends: April 10th 2022 23:59 GMT ($25 USD)
Location: Virtual / Imaginary
Prizes: $2000 USD & Listing on NFT Marketplace
Type: Open for All (Students, Professionals & Studios)


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