YouthCulture-EHRENperlach (New Perlach Nodes)

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For a future full of diversity, health and participation for the next generation!

The Neuperlach district was designed in 1960/70 as a car-friendly city with various, non-connected green spaces and a distinctive footpath system. Within the path system, there are a number of unused potentials for youth locations, for optimizing path connections and improving the quality of life for residents.


What is important to young people?

What is important to young people? Sketch in front of the PEP shopping center – Neuperlach-Zentrum

• Utilization of empty rooms and areas is extremely attractive for young people.

• Young people often attach particular importance to spaces that have not yet been “occupied” by adults.

• As a result, young people use the space differently than adults and prefer dynamic spaces rather than spaces with a fixed function.

analysis of the district Neuperlach, Munich

After defining an analysis area, we examined it in terms of paths, shopping locations, public access, the location of schools and youth centers, cultural and sports facilities and green/open spaces. This enabled us to identify whereabouts, connections and the resulting potential for our project.


Through the analysis we were able to identify the Marx-Zentrum in the northeastern part of Neuperlach as the central location for our project. It needs upgrading and offers a lot of potential for more youth culture due to its location, basic equipment and surroundings.

Collage – as-is state of MARX-ZENTRUM

We then develop the hypothesis that upgrading in places around the Marx-Zentrum will revitalize the entire district. Due to its location, the center is self-activating and so we concentrated on attractive places in the area that offered urban planning potential for offers. We have developed three scenarios for this.

In the spirit of a “15 minute” city, we have identified places that can be reached quickly by local residents. The aim of this concept is that residents can meet all their needs within a short walk, making city life more accessible, sustainable and enjoyable overall.

In addition, our project should contribute to the “Circular City”, i.e. to produce as little non-recyclable waste as possible and to recycle all resources used in a cycle.

as-is state of Marx-Zentrum
Vision _ revaluation of the place

Scenario I.


from concept to vision

Conversion of a multi-storey car park directly behind the Karl-Marx-Center and expansion into the Kiez-Marx-Haus, cultural center oriented towards the common good

• In our vision, the “Kiez-Marx-Haus” will be THE cultural and community center in the district.

• Since there is an oversupply of parking spaces in Neuperlach, a reallocation is possible here.

• The multi-storey car park could serve as a long-term alternative for the temporary use of Shaere and offer the same services to residents as a community center – with a focus on young people:

• So we have eg. intended:

• A community kitchen, the so-called neighborhood kitchen

• A cinema

• Workshops and showrooms

• event rooms e.g. B for the chamber plays

• Band rehearsal rooms

• Office and meeting places for youth associations and initiatives

• A café and community garden on the roof

• A house for the community of the community is to be created here, which is to be organized as a “grassroots” movement.

• The entire ground floor is to be opened up in a traffic-calmed zone and be available to the entire neighborhood as a place to stay for activities

• The outside area between the multi-storey car park and the adjoining gas station must be redesigned, greened and offers young people more quality of life. Purchases can be made at the gas station right next to it.

• The interior of the building provides rooms within a room that can be used individually and also heated.

• The immediate vicinity should be traffic-calmed. The boundaries between outside and inside are disappearing.

• The entire house can be experienced via an APP. Interested parties can find out more about them, book and exchange ideas.


Scenario II.

“Chill & Culture”

Improvement of the quality of stay outdoors along the path system between local transport and the Karl-Marx center

• In addition to a beautifully landscaped promenade, there are seating areas for residents and visitors to linger

• Sports activities such as table tennis have been expanded.

• Art showcases offer young artists the opportunity to exhibit their works on site

• The Kiez kitchen from the KIEZ-MARX-HAUS can offer drinks on site.

as-is state _ towards Marx-Zentrum
Concept for a place for quality of stay as Promenade
Vision – Promenade

Scenario III.

“Chill & Sport”

Upgrading of a park with consumption-free for the quality of their stay and provision of sharing offers

• In the offer we envisage sharing offers on the one hand and an upgrading of the adjacent park on the other

• The insufficient lighting was mentioned by the young people in the analysis phase. Here we have retrofitted and illuminated the corresponding places in our vision.

• In addition, we have created seating areas around the sports fields. Young people have more opportunities to spend time outdoors (without consumption).

• We have also provided five small “houses” that can be used by young people. In addition to an “information house”, there is a “kitchen hut” where food can be heated, a “sports free house” where sports equipment such as balls, rackets, etc. can be borrowed and a garden workshop . The location is also suitable for outdoor events.

architectural model _ scale 1:500

For a future full of diversity, health and participation for the next generation!

Studio Urban Design _ Prof. Mrs. Dr. Benze – lectureship Mr. Leonhartsberger @panm

© M. Sam Hosseini – Mohammad Beiglari

                                                                                                                                                                                                L’ HOSSEINI

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