7 common mistakes on writing prompt for Midjourney Architecture

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7 common mistakes on writing prompt for Midjourney Architecture

Here are 7 common mistakes people make when writing prompts for Midjourney:

  1. Very long prompt. Long complex prompts can be confusing for the AI model to properly digest and use as guidance for generation. Keeping prompts short and simple helps ensure the model can accurately interpret the user’s intent and scope.
  2. Not being specific enough. Prompts that are too vague or broad will not produce good results. Be as specific as possible in describing what you want. For example, “a fantasy landscape” is too broad. “A misty mountain valley with a waterfall” is more specific.
  3. Not providing enough constraints. Open-ended prompts without enough constraints or guidance will produce random, scattered results. Provide more context, adjectives, and guidance to constrain the generator. For example, “a spaceship” is too open-ended. “A sleek, futuristic spaceship entering a wormhole” provides more constraints.
  4. Using confusing or ambiguous language. Be very clear and unambiguous in your language. Avoid pronouns and implied subjects that can confuse the AI. For example, “painting of a woman looking at it” is confusing. “Painting of a woman looking at a sunset over the ocean” is much clearer.
  5. Prompting for abstract concepts. Midjourney works best for concrete subjects, objects, scenes, and compositions. Avoid prompting for abstract concepts, emotions, or open-ended ideas. The AI has a hard time with those. Stick to tangible, visual prompts.
  6. Not providing a clear focal point or subject. Have a very clear subject, focal point, or main object of interest that you want to be prominent in the generation. Don’t give a prompt that could produce a wide array of possible subjects or compositions. Keep the prompt centered on your desired focal point.
  7. Being impatient. Don’t expect perfect results, especially with a new prompt. It can take several attempts for the AI to hone in on what you have in mind. Provide feedback on its attempts and make small tweaks to your prompt to help guide it. With patience, you’ll get better at crafting good prompts and Midjourney will get better at interpreting what you want!

Do Not:

Prompt: minimalist tropical museum, big solar panels, artfully designed and built on stilts above a 100m x 100m lush African garden with a natural swimming pool seamlessly integrated into the verdant greenery. The home consists of multiple sprawling structures, each boasting expansive views of the Indian Ocean, where the sun sets in the distance, painting the sky with vibrant hues. Captured using a Canon EOS R6 mirrorless camera with a versatile RF 24-70mm f/2.8L IS USM lens, renowned for its superior image quality and sharpness, the photograph embodies the perfect harmony between modern architecture and nature. The camera settings include an aperture of f/8, which ensures a deep depth of field to capture the intricacies of both the tropical home and the surrounding landscape. With an ISO of 200 and a shutter speed of 1/125 sec, the image balances the warm, golden sunlight that bathes the scene, accentuating the architectural lines and casting soft shadows across the lush garden –ar 16:9 –v 5

Do this:

Prompt: minimalist tropical museum, big solar panels, David Chipperfield, swimming pool, perspective, mir render, fog, dim light –ar 16:9 –v 5.1

Architecture Midjourney prompts guidebook (pdf and google doc)

minimalist tropical museum, big solar panels, Peter Zumthor architecture, Red brick, swimming pool, perspective, mir render, natural light –ar 16:9 –v 5.1

Advanced Midjourney Prompt Guide for Architecture and Landscape Design

This in-depth video tutorial provides pro tips and advanced techniques for generating stunning architectural and landscape imagery using the AI art generator Midjourney. Learn how to craft highly creative and compelling prompts that inspire Midjourney to produce high quality architectural renderings. Discover Midjourney’s best kept secrets for synthesizing textures, lighting effects, weather phenomena and environmental details. Whether you’re an aspiring concept artist, architectural visualizer or hobbyist looking to boost your generative design skills, these advanced prompt strategies will transform how you interact with Midjourney. Packed with practical examples and templates, this is the definitive resource for unlocking Midjourney’s potential for landscape and environment design. 50 Keywords For Architecture Prompts In Midjourney

Architecture Midjourney prompts guidebook (pdf and google doc)

A comprehensive 100+ page guide to generating architectural, landscape, urban, and interior designs with Midjourney. Written by experts in AI art generation and design, this book provides over 3800 carefully crafted text prompts and step-by-step instructions for creating stunning spaces with Midjourney. It’s a handbook for artificial intelligence (AI) in architecture.

This invaluable resource covers architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, and interior design. You’ll learn how to describe forms, materials, lighting, scale, style, and more using Midjourney’s natural language generation model. Each prompt is accompanied by Midjourney examples, teaching you how text can inspire photorealistic AI designs across design disciplines.

Filled with expert tips and techniques, this book teaches you the nuances of prompting Midjourney to generate futuristic, stylized, and fantastical designs. Whether you’re starting with Midjourney or looking to advance your skills, these instructional prompts and examples will transform how you envision and create design using artificial intelligence.

Advanced chapters provide project-based guidance for multi-part designs, themed design palettes, and design as storytelling. With a wealth of visuals and insightful explanations, this book enables creators of all skill levels to discover new perspectives and push the boundaries of AI-generated design. Inspire new concepts for architecture, landscape, urban design, interiors, and more. Unlock the potential to visually realize the future of spaces as you imagine them. As you read, generate photorealistic designs and build a portfolio like no other with Midjourney and this guide. Design the future.

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