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The chaotic system, composed from the same gesture obsessively repeated, finds its order, paradoxically,  when it is “bent”. The subtle geometric differences between courtyards are defining hierarchies that help one orientate.

This is a selection of vast territories, occupied by a non-hierarchized homogenous organism. The cameral density gains its strength from the repetition of the same gesture, although the practical need of spatial orientation is achieved by distorting the system, it is never disrupted.  Each one of them has its own rules in defining the interior struggle, the dimension (measure) of spaces in relation to its inhabitants, the density. The exterior limit (which must exist in a non-utopic world) of this kind of system, ironically becomes almost irrelevant.

“The dream was composed like a tower of layers without end, rising upward and losing themselves in the infinite or layers coiling downward, losing themselves in the bowels of the earth. When it swooped me in its undulations, the spiralling began, and this spiral was a labyrinth. There was no vault and no bottom, no walls and no return. But there were themes repeating themselves with exactitude.”- excerpt from SMLXL, Labyrinth, Rem Koolhaas

Project Credits

Eduard Untaru

Atelier Iulia Stanciu



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