The Garden House Experiment

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The project “Experiment Gartenhaus” shows a sustainable design for life in the community of the future. The aim is to create a new quarter of 12,700 square meters that interacts directly with its surroundings.

Divided into different modules, which create public / semi-public and private spaces, it considers individual life concepts and sustainable urban development.VisionIn terms of urban planning, a cluster development with compact edges was chosen to allow the maximum possible internal free space.


The heart of the quarter provides generous, decentralized open space zones that promote community. The inhabitants of the cistrict use these spaces on demand: In addition to green areas for relaxation and outdoor areas for children and sports activities, the so-called “Hofoptionen” offer the users a variety of opportunities: cooking in the communal kitchen, encounters in the district café, working together in co-working spaces, working on handicrafts in workshops or purchasing regional products in the local shop.

Site plan

The car-free area also contributes to the community and sustainable concept of the quarter. Car and e-bike sharing ensures the mobility of the residents.

In addition to these numerous activities on the ground floor level, roof of the Gartenhaus’ also offers space for common life: users can lease allotment gardens on the roofs or rave together at sunset.

Six different apartment-types form the home for 1-5 person(s) households with simple floor plans. A special feature is the so-called “switching rooms” which can flexibly expand or reduce the size of apartments. Affordable rents ensure that there is a socio-cultural mix.

The goal is a CO2-neutral quarter: In addition to climate-neutrality and ecological construction, it is important to use materials that are as resource-efficient as possible and to create sustainable living opportunities. Life in the quarter tocuses on the essentials: individual, sustainable living concepts in the community.


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