The development of the coastal zone of Magadan\’s fishing port.

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Scheme befor and after.

Project proposal for the development of the coastal zone of Magadan in part of the territory of the fishing port.

During the renovation of the existing port territory into the industrial park “Fishing Port of Magadan” to ensure the integrated use of the entire industrial zone within the boundaries of the cadastral quarter 49:09:030621, it is planned to create the following facilities and conditions:

1. Arrangement of the mooring wall (including piers) with a total length of up to 1000 m.

Construction of a combined pier with a length of up to 200 meters and a width of up to 100 meters.

2. Facilities for complex ship maintenance:

– bunkering with fuel;

– bunkering with water;

– disposal of waste from ships;

– reception of bilge waters;

– boathouses for maintenance and off-season storage of small vessels

(including the coastal fleet), four facilities with an area of at least 1000 sq.m each;

– port services (dispatching, coastal power supply, rescue equipment, cargo handling, other transport operations, border, customs, sanitary, etc. control services)

3. Proposed construction projects:

– capacities (2 plants) for deep processing of aquatic biological resources, including processing of fish, crabs and trumpeters;

– an object for overexposure of aquatic biological resources in a live form – up to 200 tons of live crab at a time. The total volume of transshipment is 4,200 tons of crab and 500 tons of flounder per year;

– the point of acceptance of catches from amateur fishermen arriving on small vessels with a separate departure (to the sector of the industrial park free from border restrictions);

– refrigeration facilities, warehouses for transshipment and storage of finished products;

with a volume of up to 10 thousand tons, (a refrigerating warehouse of 1 thousand tons is already operating on the territory.).

A temporary storage warehouse for products that have not passed customs clearance;

– container terminal 200-300 containers 40 and 20 ft., including universal crane equipment, container loaders.

– warehouses of industrial equipment, containers and fuel;

– garage boxes for port equipment.

– a factory for the production of refrigerated containers, with a capacity of at least 1000 pieces per year

Analysis of the scheme of the existing town-planning state of the fishing port in Magadan contributed to the identification of a number of problems proposed for solution by the conceptual project for the development of the design area. Before developing the project proposal, need to set such tasks as:

1) Organization of the road network;

2) Formation of a functional fishing terminal with the potential for growth of cargo turnover of transported goods;

3) Increasing the range of services provided, including the supply of ships, replacement of crews,acceptance and storage of catches, etc.;

4) Development of related industries, including ship repair, manufacture of containers, repair of fishing gear;

5) Development of coastal fishing, tourism and amateur fishing;

So on the scheme of the projected fishing terminal of the seaport it is proposed to improve the adjacent territory by laying a specialized coating, the formation of a sanitary protection zone along the land border in the south of the projected territory.

The scheme also shows the projected roads for the passage of container ships ,cars and cranes. For uniform movement for entry and exit from the design area, the transfer and reconstruction of the bridge is proposed.

The formation of customs control is proposed for in-depth inspection of imported containers to the projected territory.

Parking lots for cars and trucks are located on the site.

The project took into account the norms and rules for the design of parking lots and parking spaces.

Design and technological practice included the study of examples of urban development of fish terminals, norms and rules of urban planning design methods, methods of project activity, standards for the design of project documentation, were also applied the knowledge, skills and abilities acquired in the course of training. Practical experience was gained in developing concepts for the development of industrial territories.

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