Reconfiguring Government School in India

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Project for international competition «The Attendance

Project description

Every corner of the school is filled with play. And even when the school does not have enough equipment, the child will be able to find a way to gain knowledge through playgrounds. The main principle of our school is that children are directly involved in the creation of the school, they create their own temple of knowledge by themselves. Every student can build elements of playgrounds from recycled materials, decorate school walls specially designed for drawing, and grow a personal garden with plants.  
Each school has its own peculiarity – a tree in the atrium. Graduating students will hang ribbons on a tree Each auditorium and school furniture is multifunctional, can be divided into several zones, transformed into a cinema zone, etc. If students does not feel comfort in theie home, school could become the most conformable and cozy place in the world.
Каждая аудитория и школьная мебель многофункциональны, могут быть разделены на несколько зон, преобразованы в зону кинотеатра и т. Д. Если бы ученики не чувствовали комфорта в своем доме, школа могла бы стать самым сообразным и уютным местом в мире.
The main module of the school is the square, which is actively repeated in the elements of the boardwalk and on the general plan. The main square is not only the center of the school, but also a new point of attraction for the city. In their free time, residents with children can come here, all playgrounds remain open.

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