Reverse courtyard

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Design description

In local urban environment, traditional houses and modern urban fabric are entangled together producing numerous chaos, losing their own identity. Local courtyards are malfunctioning as space for mere traffic purpose instead of space for vitality. And the houses surrounding the yards are enclosed and designed for privacy, unfit for public programs. Responding to this situation, we chose to preserve the existing buildings and old streets in memory of local history and propose to reverse the solid -open relationship of chosen community by cutting its perimeter. The manipulation created a series of new courtyards from houses themselves, composing a new boundary interface. The traditional interior is now converted to exterior, defined as new yard spaces, showing new architectural attitude to local environment. Furthermore, the reverse essentially changed the isolated condition of local and urban environment by making new yards penetrating towards city.  In the cutting process, an observation deck was created from a 5F modern building as a reminder for the city. It was connected to rooftop space circulation, which brings people to different levels to experience the previous lifestyle with a new perspective.

Cutting-edge diagram
Cutting-edge diagram
Aerial view
Roof plan

Project Credit

Yutian Tang
Supachai Chalermratananon

Yanan Ding



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